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Genomic Medicine Institute, Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic

Yadi Zhou, PhD, is a Senior Data Scientist in Dr. Feixiong Cheng's lab at the Cleveland Clinic. His research interests focus on using network science, bioinformatics, and artificial intelligence techniques for target identification and drug discovery. Dr. Zhou has been well-recognized for his breakthrough work in COVID-19 and Alzheimer's disease.

Dr. Zhou completed his doctoral training in biochemistry and a certificate in bioinformatics at the Ohio University. He has in-depth knowledge and extensive working experience (both industrial and academic) of machine learning and deep learning algorithms. In addition, Dr. Zhou has over a decade of experience in programming and is highly proficient in major programming languages. With his unique set of skills and passionate character, Dr. Zhou has published studies in high impact journals and created software, websites, and databases that have served tens of thousands of users.

As the lead developer of AlzPipeline, Dr. Zhou has implemented an infrastructure that has a highly efficient and automated pipeline for data processing and annotation, as well as a fully interactive front end for various visualizations updated in real time.

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